Electricity consulting
In addition to technical expertise, VOLTS has entrepreneurial experience. We understand the business processes and do not just solve customers' technical problems, but match them with the commercial efficiency needs of their businesses.
Professionals in the electricity industry often find it hard to find common ground with entrepreneurs.

Our task is to bring them together to achieve the benefits for all parties involved
Potential clients
We have developed dozens of power supply concepts for companies of various profiles
Large commercial organizations
Large and medium-sized commercial organizations that need to build, expand or renovate their power grid base
Industrial companies
Industrial companies that are building new facilities and need to organize power supply systems from scratch
Our expertise
Develop concepts
We develop and calculate concepts for power supply systems with descriptions of the necessary technical solutions
Advise on the required voltage class and optimization of future energy costs
Calculate the creation
We calculate the creation of our own generation systems
Draw up estimates
Drawing up preliminary estimates for the cost of connection to the electricity grid
Monitor and analyze
Monitor and analyze the technical connection to the various grid companies from the customer's commercial point of view
Prepare project budgets
Prepare project budgets at an early stage (they allow the cost of 35-110 kV substations to be budgeted)
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