Design of power lines and substations from 35 to 500 kV
List of works:
Design of overhead and cable lines up to 500 kV
Development of the scheme of external power supply and the scheme of power output to the power grid of the region
Design of open and closed substations from 35 to 500 kV
Execution of feasibility study, FEED, detailed design engineering
Design of digital substations according to IEC 61850
> 80
number of projects
~$16 m
total amount
Some of the projects
Construction of substation 150/10 kV "Belokamenka", Murmansk region (customer: PJSC NOVATEK - Murmansk)

Construction of the 110 kV 12 A Karpovka substation, Saint Petersburg (customer: PJSC Lenenergo)

Reconstruction of 110 kV substation №165 "Petrogradskaya", St. Petersburg (customer: PJSC Lenenergo)

Reconstruction of 110/10 kV substation №517 Shlisselburg (customer of LOESK JSC)

Development of detailed design ("working documentation") on the title: "Staffing of cells No. 16, 21 switchgear 110 kV substation 330 kV Vostochnaya with the necessary equipment related to the technological connection of substation 110 kV Technopark "TVN-220 kV" (customer LLC "ZETO SMP North-West")

Construction of substation 110/10 kV "Bugry" (customer JSC "LOESK")

Construction of the 110/10 kV Yugo-Zapadnaya-1 substation (customer of PJSC Lenenergo)

Reconstruction of railway substations Lobnya, Mark, Vodniki, Moscow-Butyrskaya, Fili, Slavyanskaya, Trekhgorka, Odintsovo under the title "Organization of suburban and urban passenger railway traffic on the Odintsovo-Lobnya section (MCD-1 Odintsovo-Lobnya) in Moscow region"

Construction of 110 kV Yuntolovo substation with 110 kV CL (customer PAO Lenenergo)

Reconstruction of the 110/35/10 kV Lebedyan substation (the customer is a branch of IDGC of Centre PJSC, Lipetsk Energy)

Reconstruction of the 110/10 kV "Mayminskaya" substation (customer of PJSC IDGC of Siberia, Gorno-Altaisk Electric Networks)

Development of working documentation for the facility: "220 kV Velsk substation (reconstruction of 35 kV switchgear, 10 kV switchgear, RZA, AIIS KUE, SS)" (customer LLC "ZETO SMP North-West")

Reconstruction of 500/330/110/10 kV Budennovsk substation (PJSC Rosseti FGC UES – South Electric Grids)

Construction of 330 kV Ruchey substation with 330 kV overhead lines (PJSC Rosseti FGC UES – North Electric Grids)

Construction of 500 kV overhead electric line "Ust-Ilimskaya HPP - Ust-Kutskaya HPP-2" with reconstruction of 500 kV substation "Ust-Kut" and 500 kV outdoor switchgear and 220 kV outdoor switchgear of Ust-Ilimskaya HPP (PJSC Rosseti FGC UES – Eastern Electric Grids)

Construction of 500/220/110/10 kV Chagino substation (PJSC Rosseti FGC UES – Central Electric Grids)

Construction of 330 kV Pulkovskaya-Yuzhnaya transmission line (PJSC Rosseti FGC UES – North Electric Grids)

Reconstruction of 750 kV Leningradskaya Substation (PJSC Rosseti FGC UES – North Electric Grids)

Overhead 500 kV "Reconstruction of 500 kV Overhead Line "Ryazanskaya RPS – Tambov" (PJSC Rosseti FGC UES – Central Electric Grids)

Reconstruction of 330/220 kV outdoor switchgear of Novocherkasskaya state district power plant (PJSC Wholesale Generating Company - 2)
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